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Education means an all around development of one’s personality be it physical, mental, aesthetic or spiritual.

The most easy and convenient way to develop physical and mental growth of any child is to involve the child in any sport/physical activity. These will not only help the child to remain physically fit and mentally active but also keep him/her away from diseases. The physical and mental exercises improve the concentration level of the child and sharpen his/her memory. The important social skills such as coordination, team spirit, leadership qualities, problem solving, decision making, etc are all developed along with attitudes such as sense of responsibility and friendy behavior that goes a long way in developing a well groomed personality of the child.

We at BLS International School focus on the overall development of our students. For this we offer all kind of sports (indoor & outdoor) and physical activities for all age groups which are supported by professional coaches. They assist and identify the abilities of the child and nurture their skills. Once the skills and talent is identified, interest to pursue the sport ahead is generated very tactfully. Our coaches of international repute train our students in their chosen sports in order to help them to excel at state, national and international levels.

The school has a vast playground for organizing various sports events on a large scale even up to National Level. Our school teams participate and compete at District, State and All India l Level competitions mainly organized by the C.B.S.E. and well known sports organizations.


  • Swimming
  • Basket-ball
  • Cricket
  • Volley-ball
  • Badminton
  • Table-Tennis
  • Lawn-Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Martial Arts
  • Kho-Kho
  • Chess
  • Table Soccer
  • Sports full filled games for juniors
  • Yoga
  • Horse Riding